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The value of information has increased exponentially in the last few decades and this trend will continue to grow into the future. The landscape is constantly changing and evolving and those that take the time to properly understand data will be the ones who will be able to extract the most value from this information. At NixInfinity-AI, it is our mission to help you harness the power of data and ensure that you don’t get left behind. You may be confused or unsure of where to start but you can be sure that we are here to enhance and grow your business, so you are ready for the future.

It is critical that data is structured, processed and extracted the right way, and we are specialists in using cloud services to streamline manual and/or inefficient processing of data. Our data strategy consultants do this by delivering data engineering and automation, which includes AI and big data technology. We have many years of experience successfully helping clients plan for data management transformation, including operating model definition, cloud data and analytics, technical components application and BI design. Whatever your needs are you can be sure that we have the tools and knowledge to ensure that you get the most from your data. So, if you are seeking a data strategy consultancy, then get in touch with us today and find out what we can do for your organisation.




Meet the Team



 Data Strategy Consultants and Data Analysis , Harj

Harj Bilan

Founder and Managing Director / Chief Architect

Harj has over 20 years’ experience in leading architecture functions across different sectors focusing on digital & data transformation. Harj is a diligent, highly professional senior IT leader with extensive experience in managing IT departments within competitive service industries including retail banking, insurance, investments, retail and telecommunications and government.

Harj experience consists of strong architecture, technical leadership and analysis and design skills with a background that includes complex architecture & systems integration design. During his career he has established architecture functions in organisations and led major architecture boards for large transformation programmes in the Insurance, finance, energy, retail and telecom sectors.

Harj has an extensive background spanning – operations, consultancy, development (including driving agile development), enterprise and solutions architecture, business analysis and project/programme delivery.


 Data Strategy Consultants and Data Analysis, Tim


Dr Tim Robinson

Partner / Head of Data Architecture

Tim has extensive experience of working in a complex technological and organisational landscape. He has a proven track record in dealing with data focussed transformational change at enterprise level.  With over 10 years of experience working in the public sector resolving data challenges and data risk profiles across the organisation, he has the skills and knowledge that will enable your business to transform. Tim has a proven ability to establish and build effective data engineering and data architecture teams, and will add real value to your operations.



Ayan Kar

Data Science Advisor

Ayan has over 20 years’ experience in building, leading and operating data & analytics teams. Ayan is a hands analytics professional and is able to flexibly demonstrate analytical capabilities in action for solving business problems with lean team using agile approach. This gives him the ability to lead by example along a very broad spectrum analytical capabilities from simple Quantitative Analytics using time series econometric analysis as well as advanced machine learning and NN (neural-net) programming over Big Data & Digital Channels.

Ayan is adept at using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Digital Forensics (device & financial systems) data on complex network based algorithms and graph databases. Ayan has worked extensively on the modern techniques involving Text Mining, Machine Learning, AI and Social Network Analytics for Digital enablement, Financial Crime & AML. 

Ayan has operated in heavily regulated industries like the Financial Services and Public Sector along with highly agile sectors like Media Entertainment and High Tech working in markets across the UK, US and Asia-Pac markets. Ayan has worked on complex change management, transformations (including large scale migration)  engagements and for M&A situations leading globally spread organisations based in US, UK, India & Australia. 




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