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Public sector Data Strategy Consultants

Public Sector

Just like many commercial organisations, there is a need for public sector organisations to make better use of their data, driven by market demand and the government. At NixInfinity-AI, we are specialists in public sector work and have collaborated with the ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) and DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) in driving digital transformation. Our consultants have a wealth of experience and will provide you with innovative solutions that will add real value to your organisation. To find out more about our data strategy consulting work in the public sector, get in touch with us at NixInfinity-AI.

Health Care data strategy consultants with NIX-Infinity AI

Health Care

The demand for data will continue to rise and the same goes for many organisations in the health sector. Many companies face the same challenges including poor data quality, inconsistencies and errors. It is important that the right data infrastructure is in place with a focused strategy that will move your company forward, and we are here to help you achieve that.


Analytical Services data stratergy consultants with Nix-infinity AI

Analytical Services

If you want to be able to complete an analysis of your current operations, markets or customers then you need to have the ability to properly process the data you own. Our data strategy consultants will give you the tools and framework that you need so that you can drive business innovation, tap into new revenue streams and correctly predict consumer trends.

Insurance data strategy consultants


Insurers have always had access to large swathes of data, but many have been slow to exploit this data to the fullest. New technologies will allow insurers to use data in new innovative ways and we are here to help if you would like to transform your operations for the data driven age.


Retail data strategy consultants


Retail is an industry that is rich in data, but the challenge is in capturing the right data, processing it properly and taking appropriate actions. Our team of data experts will help you to make use of your data, and give you a comprehensive understanding of your customers. You’ll be able to personalise promotions, optimise supply and maximise sales that will drive your profits upwards.

transcript and logistics data strategy consultants

Transport and Logistics

Behind every successful business is an efficient supply chain. Optimising the movement of goods from supplier all the way to customer requires a number of elements, one of which is an effective use of data. Our team will help you to structure and manage your data processes so that your customers can benefit from more choice, increased convenience and better service.


telecom data strategy consultants


The way that the telecoms industry operates means that it has access to huge swathes of data. Data collection and storage are at the heart of the telecoms industry, and yet many telecoms companies are unable to extract the true value of that data. Our team of data scientists will give you the tools that you need to market effectively, enhance the customer experience and develop new sources of revenue.

Energy and Environment Data strategy consultants with Nix-infinity AI

Energy and Environment

As in most industries, it is critical that your company optimises the data that you possess. We’ll give you new insights into your markets and your customers by helping you to identify the right sources of data and support you in analysing it effectively.





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