Modern Slavery Statement FY2020-21 

This statement relates to NixInfinity-AI Ltd., covering all operations throughout the world. The statement relates to the financial year ending 31 March 2021. 
At NixInfinity-AI we are committed to conducting all dealings with the utmost integrity, so staunchly support the elimination of modern slavery in all its forms.  
Our goal is an inclusive organisation where everyone’s skills and contributions are welcomed and valued. 
While we continue to believe that due to the nature of our business our exposure to the risk of human rights abuses and modern slavery is minimal within our own business and with our partners and suppliers, we remain vigilant. 
During the year NixInfinity-AI has engaged with our suppliers on many issues including preventing Modern Slavery. No form of Slavery has been identified during the year FY2020-2021 across our supply chain. 
Actions for FY2021-22: 
  • NixInfinity-AI will introduce its first formal Anti-Slavery Policy 
  • NixInfinity-AI will continue to engage with its suppliers on many issues including preventing any and all forms of Modern Slavery 
  • NixInfinity-AI will continue to explore introducing provisions regarding the prevention of Slavery as practicable 
Harj Bilan, Nix Infinity- AI, CEO, 2021