DESNZ Data Governance Case Study

Inefficient manual data management processes, including duplicate data, inconsistencies, incomplete definitions, and difficulty in locating data, had become a bottleneck, causing frustration and delays for stakeholders at the Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ).


In today's data-driven world, efficient data management is crucial for organisations to thrive. The Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ) recognised the need for a streamlined data governance solution as they managed multiple datasets utilised by various businesses. Their data management challenges included duplicate data, inconsistencies, incomplete definitions, and difficulty in locating the required data and its responsible owner.

DESNZ plays a vital role in supporting the digital team to provision and manage data, ensuring it meets the highest standards of security and accuracy. However, the manual nature of managing data requests had become a bottleneck, leading to frustration and delays for stakeholders.



What Did We Deliver?


NixInfinity-AI stepped in to address DESNZ's data governance challenges. The first step was to conduct a pilot Proof of Concept (PoC) to demonstrate the potential of a data catalog solution. This PoC successfully paved the way for a comprehensive data management strategy. The next phase involved onboarding additional data, aligning with a roadmap to extend this solution to all of DESNZ's datasets.

A crucial aspect of this transformation was the creation of a data management approach that incorporated a set of specific change activities. These activities, coupled with supporting materials, were designed to facilitate change management and garner support for the adoption of the catalog across the organisation.



Client Testimonial

Department of Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ)


One of the true measures of success for any project is the feedback from satisfied users. Atha, a user within the DESNZ team, shared their enthusiasm for the changes implemented by NixInfinity-AI:

“We are delighted to be introducing the MS Purview Metadata Discovery Platform Catalog to our users. The DESNZ team supports a lot of databases with over 400 GB of data, a large portion of which, to our knowledge, is duplication. Our users also have a hard time finding and requesting the datasets they need.

Sanjay and the Nix team have paved the way to make the datasets under our scope more accessible through the Catalog's intuitive search function and have reduced the time it takes between requesting and provisioning business data requests by automating this process via workflows."

Atha's testimonial highlights the significant improvements brought about by the catalog, such as enhanced accessibility and reduced request-to-provision times, thanks to streamlined automation. It serves as a testament to the successful collaboration between DESNZ and NixInfinity-AI in achieving effective data governance.


In conclusion, this case study exemplifies how NixInfinity-AI's expertise in data catalog solutions transformed DESNZ's data governance, enhancing data quality, accessibility, and efficiency. As organisations continue to rely on data for critical decision-making, the importance of robust data management solutions like the one implemented for DESNZ cannot be overstated.



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