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Welcome to NixInfinity-AI, we are specialist data consultants who will improve and enhance your operations through the power of data. There are a number of areas in which we can support your business including: enterprise cloud strategy, architecture strategy & governance, data strategy & governance, digital transformation and data engineering. We will combine our domain knowledge with our technical skills to deliver innovative, high impact solutions that will resolve your data challenges. From simple skills augmentation for individual projects through to designing the processes for a fully working CDO (Chief Data Officer) function, you can rely on us to exceed your expectations. Contact us today and find out what our data strategy consultants can do for your business.




Our Services


COD Transformations with our Data Strategy Consultants

CDO Transformation

It is the responsibility of your CDO to deliver data services to your organisation, but developing this role can be slow and costly. Our team will examine your current capabilities and support you in creating an effective CDO function that will add real value to your operations.

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Data strategy services with our Data Strategy consultants

Data Strategy

Our data experts will work hard to understand your objectives and survey your current data landscape. We’ll then assist you in formulating a strategy and work on a roadmap that will enable you to achieve your goals.

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Data governance with our Data Strategy Consultants

Data Governance

If you want to establish a system of data governance, but are unsure of where to start, we are here to help. We’ll ascertain your current data governance model before embarking on a plan to ensure you have the right infrastructure in place.

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Data Audits taken out by our Data Strategy Consultants

Data Audit

Should you wish to understand your responsibilities in relation to the Data Protection Act 2018/GDPR, we can undertake a comprehensive audit to assess your current data governance landscape.

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Data Architecture services with our Data Strategy Consultants

Data Architecture

Many businesses find it challenging creating or modifying back office services that process data. Our data architects will work with you to create the right data infrastructure that will ensure you get the most value from your data.

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Data engineering with our Data Strategy Consultants and Data Analysis

Data Engineering

It is important that your data users have access to the most timely and accurate data available. Our data engineers will make sure that this is the case. We will automate your data flows and present your data so that it is accessible, useful and gives your organisation real value.

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Data science and analytic services with our Data Strategy Consultants

Data Science & Analytics

If your organisation has accumulated a vast amount of data you may be wondering how to unlock the potential of this data. Our data scientists will use their skills to analyse this vast mass and give you the practical, easy to understand information that you seek.

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Cloud data Platform Design

Cloud Data Platform Design

Many companies are choosing to house their data in cloud data platforms which offer a number of benefits over centralised data warehouses. We can help you to design a platform that will enable you to take advantage of all the data that is managed on a cloud.

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Why Choose NixInfinity-AI ?


Our team of data strategy consultants have decades of experience helping organisations improve their operations. Whatever the goals of your business, you can be sure that we possess the skills to find the right solution for you. 


No two businesses are the same, and we will work hard to understand yours. We’ll tailor our advice specifically to your organisation and provide you with practical, easy to implement solutions that will enhance and evolve your business.


We’ll keep in close contact with you, keeping you informed of progress and work that is currently happening. Should you have any queries or concerns, we’ll respond quickly and effectively to ensure that your needs are always met.


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At NixInfinity-AI, our coverage is national and we have data strategy consultants in a number of locations including London, the Midlands and the North. We also have offshore organisations to scale our support should needs arise. Contact us today, and find out what we can do for your business.

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